Aye Myanmar Association (AMA) is a countrywide network of sex workers, working in three regions and one state in Myanmar, including secondary and capital cities like Yangon, Mandalay, Bago, Meikhtilar and Myint Kyina.

The mandate and mission of AMA is to mobilise the sex worker community, build the capacity of sex workers, to reduce stigma and discrimination against sex workers, and support the sex worker community in Myanmar.

AMA is working in the following areas:

  • Building leadership skills among the sex worker community;
  • Increasing human rights of sex workers and knowledge on advocacy including advocacy on access to health services;
  • Improving the advocacy skills of AMA members and sex workers;
  • Providing Legal Counselling and services;
  • HIV prevention and referral services for HIV, STI testing and treatment and SRH services for sex workers.


AMA was established in November 2009 at a countrywide consultation of sex workers. The network was initially known as the National Network of Sex Workers and was part of a “Targeted Outreach Program” (TOP) run by Population Services International (PSI), Myanmar.

The main objective of the network was to establish the rights of sex workers, challenge stigma and discrimination, and promote and protect the human rights of sex workers.

In practice, however, AMA’s founders discovered very quickly that it was difficult to engage in the work of structural change for sex workers from within an international organisation whose objective was disease control and not structural development.

So in 2012, under the leadership of Kay Thi Win, the National Network of Sex Workers transformed into Aye Myanmar Association, or AMA (meaning “sister” in Burmese) – a sex worker-led organisation independent from PSI /TOP.

In 2016 AMA changed name to Aye Myanmar.


  • Red Umbrella Fund
  • Aids Fonds, Netherlands (Bridging The Gaps &  PITCH)
  • UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women
  • South Asia Women Fund [Leading From South]